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When you hire Plainfield Construction Company Inc. (PCCl), you get more than top-qualified professional design and field work. You get a job done right. Owner Mark Wilder has raised the bar for professional standards by providing exceptional service through his business and for his employees. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that PCCI is one of the most sought after general excavating companies in the Upper Valley.

No job is too big or too small for PCCI. The company has been extensively involved in constructing beautiful ponds, driveways, roads, lawns, clearing land for house lots and open fields, lifting houses for new foundations, installing water wells, fixing drainage problems, restoring farm land for crop use, and drilling holes for fences and pole structures. PCCI is also licensed to install septic systems for new or replacement residential and commercial building sites.

Whether you have a commercial site, private residence, or small business looking for some help in the Upper valley, PCCI is the company you want working for you. Whatever the job, you can feel confident that PCCI will handle it with the same care and pride that it provides for all its customers. PCCI is a small company run by locals who care, not a corporate industry focused on profit. PCCI approaches every job with enthusiasm and a trained eye that can help you realize your goals.

PCCI is an equal opportunity employer and its workers are fully covered by workmen's compensation insurance. PCCI provides free estimates, and all jobs secured by PCCI are guaranteed against qualitative job imperfections for one year after completion. PCCI has the equipment and expertise to provide and effectively coordinate any job with the ease and efficiency needed in our fast changing society. Give us a call, we'd like to work for you.